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To help end cat overpopulation, unwanted cats, and animal suffering by providing free or very low cost birth control surgery (spay/neuter) to cats living with the poor, and to feral (wild) cats.

• UPDATE FALL ’17: Due to the extreme need, we are focusing on cats only at this time. Dog owners, seek help with your local humane group or municipal shelter.


We’re a tiny, all volunteer group based in Senatobia, Mississippi. Our mission is to reduce animal suffering and overpopulation through spay/neuter (animal birth control surgery). Our volunteers—including the veterinarians—target this care to cats living with the poor, and to feral cats (wild, free-roaming cats). We provide the care for free or at a very low-cost to qualified pet owners or caregivers. Because most of the unwanted litters are born to animals living with the poor, this is the population we target.

    Since 1997 we’ve brought over 15,000 animals to the spay table for this lifesaving surgery. Because cats and dogs reproduce at phenomenal rates, we’re proud to say we’ve literally saved millions of lives and eliminated unspeakable suffering.

    Why fix your animals? Because it’s healthier for them and better for your hometown. Not only does spay/neuter benefit animals, it benefits the community too. Spayed or neutered animals are better citizens and better companions. Less likely to be the source of neighborhood complaints, spayed and neutered dogs rarely attack humans. Such attacks are inevitably the actions of unaltered dogs. So spay/neuter not only brings peace to the animals, but also to your community. The fighting and howling of breeding cats is eliminated too, so everyone sleeps more peacefully when the cats are spayed/neutered.

    Of course, unwanted litters are a source of public concern and taxpayer expense. America’s prevalent method of animal control (catch, hold,  kill), has proven unsuccessful and expensive over the past century— to say nothing of the suffering of the animals. The only real answer to animal overpopulation is spay/neuter to prevent unwanted animals in the first place. And that’s our mission! Please join us.

How can you help the animals?

  1. First, have your pets spayed or neutered and vaccinated against common diseases. If you cannot afford it at your veterinary clinic, call us. We may be able to help.

  2. Second, talk about spay/neuter to your friends and neighbors.

  3. Third, don’t breed or buy when you are ready for a pet: With millions of healthy, friendly, social animals being killed every year in America for lack of a home, it just doesn’t make sense to breed more dogs or cats.

  4. Four, donate to help us help more animals. Click on our Help the animals page to donate. Or send a check!

  5. Have your heart set on a purebred dog or cat? Contact a shelter or a breed rescue group. You’ll be able to get just what you want, and you’ll be saving a life. If you insist on purchasing a pet, never ever buy from a puppy mill or petstore. You’ll be contributing to the suffering of the animals in a puppy mill and lining the pockets of uncaring and unscrupulous breeders.

  6. Finally, volunteer your time or donate to the war on animal suffering!

Please note that we do not own or operate a shelter or sanctuary, nor are we animal control officers. Regrettably, we’re not able to accept unwanted animals. And because just about everyone who wants a dog or cat already has one, we are not able to place or adopt out your animals. Contact your nearest animal shelter for assistance with these matters.

And finally, because we’re a small grassroots effort, we don’t have an office or building that you can visit. Our mobile spay/neuter unit is parked on donated private property and isn’t accessible to the public. Our volunteers return phone calls and plan spay days from their homes.

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